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Frequently Asked Questions

For general questions or inquiries, please email or contact us at 773-234-7758.

What is letterpress? 
Letterpress printing is a centuries-old process that creates an artisanal product made by a well-trained craftsperson (that's me!). Yep, it's way old school. The art and science of letterpress requires keen attention to detail and precise measurements. Here's how it works:

First, I create your design digitally. This digital design is then transferred onto a printing plate, which is inked and pressed against soft, thick paper to print text and images. Pressure applied in this printing process creates the striking impression, aka the deboss, which makes letterpress stand out (pun intended) from other printing processes. This is a difference you can see and feel.

The texture of the paper paired with rich colors and the depth of the impression creates a stunning effect that exudes both elegance and craftsmanship. The end result is crisp lines, patterns, and typography. And since cards are fed through the press one at a time, every single piece is 100% unique every time.

How do I place a wholesale order to carry your goods in my shop? 
You can find all information, terms and conditions for wholesale orders on the wholesale page of this site.  I only offer my greeting cards and home goods for resale.  Custom stationery and wedding invitations are not available wholesale.

How do I place an order for invitations?
As of Fall 2018, we are no longer accepting wedding invitation orders.  

Do you offer international shipping? 
Yes! I've shipped retail orders, wholesale orders and wedding invitations all over the world from Australia to Malaysia.

What are shipping times? 
General Shipping
- Orders leave our facility within 3-4 business days via USPS. 
- Orders under 2oz and shipping via First Class mail and do not have tracking available. 
- Custom orders ship within 2-3 weeks to allow for production time.  
- Custom orders within the US always ship via FedEx, tracking numbers are provided.
We will contact you if there is a delay in shipping. 
USPS Times
USPS Shipping times are NOT guaranteed.
- First-class mail usually 5-14 days to arrive within the US
- First-class International usually takes 14-30 days to arrive to international destinations
- Priority mail usually takes 2-3 days to arrive to US locations
- Priority mail international takes 14 days or more to arrive to international destinations
Lost in Mail
- Once the item leaves our facility, it is entirely in the hands of the post office, fed ex, etc. 
- Once orders leave our facility, Steel Petal Press is NOT responsible for items lost in the mail or never received. 

What is your return and refund policy?  
- We are happy to reship or refund any items that were damaged in transit.  Please first provide a photo of the damaged item.
- We will reship or refund items that were shipped because of an error on our part
- We do not refund orders of misshipped items due to customer errors.
- We take returns within 30 days of purchase.  Your refund will be available only once items have been returned to our shop in resalable condition.  We do not cover the cost of shipping return items.
- We do not take returns on custom items.
- We will not reship or refund items that were lost in the mail.

How did you start letterpress printing?
I love telling a story with text and visuals. So, for me, letterpress printing is the perfect art. I came to it organically through my training as a visual artist, which began at a young age.. I took advanced art classes in high school and on my own time as a teenager. But it wasn't until I was earning my Bachelor of Fine Arts at the San Francisco Art Institute that I became interested in ‘Artist Books’ and ‘Book Arts’ as a medium to tell stories interactively. I even moved to Chicago to attend a graduate school program in book and paper arts. That's when I realized letterpress is what I wanted to devote my life to. For me, it's more than just a living—it's a vocation.

Where did the name "Steel Petal Press" come from?
I made it up! Very simply, I liked the way it sounded. And I wanted a name that alluded to the process of letterpress printing. In this case, the softness of the paper in contrast with the power of the machinery involved.

Do you offer custom designs?
Unfortunately we no longer offer custom design services. 

Do you offer business card printing?
Unfortunately we no longer offer business card printing.